iSmoke App Reviews

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pretty disappointing.

sadly, i thought this would be worth the 0.99. but it wasnt. please do us a favor and dont buy this! the picture is pixelated, not that many options, and it gets old QUICKLY.

Great app

It would awesome if you could get a lighter and light the cigraeets on fire .loved this app!!!!!

...not so great.

honestly, save your dollar. not worth a buck for a mediocre app.

I dont smoke filters!!

The ismoke app should have a longer dig at the beginning and slowly burn down. Other than that it does what it says.


i like this app. it could be improved if you could actually light the cig and if it actually burned down. and i know it could be controvercial, but there should be a joint option. but anyway, real funny app, buy it!


U should buy it


This app is tight. Blow into the mic and smoke comes out of the pipe, or whichever object u choose. The timing is perfect and seemless, like magic. Fun to play with and show off. Worth the price!!!


Needs the cig to burn down


this is pretty ummm gay...


This app is pretty good make an update so u can clear the smoke and Ill change this to 5 stars. Thx :)

Ehh.. It could be better

You should really add a crack pipe and a stick of weed, then you get 5*


This is the worst app I have ever bought big waste of money. Dont buy!

Its cool

I like it but I wish u could light it and have it slowly burn down :)

I like it

I want the smoke to stay longer than when you shake it ash falls off plus... The smoke clearsplease please please update this


I wish they make the cig longer and make the smoke stay longer and make it when u go and make the smoke have it red.and have liike a real cig and have ashs

Not good

The cigs never get shorter the ashing looks like a avalanche it just look like app had no effort put into it


Its ok. Here are my official things for u all to improve on:  make ashes go away when shaken. And make some come.  let US light them  make the cig and the cigrett dwindle down to nothing. And then make u light up a new one. thx

Dont get it

That was the dumbest app ever. Dont get it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!! Not wroth a penny.


This app is pretty  it needs date!

New one is ok

Look its not as good as the old one the smoke doesnt stay on the screen so 4/5